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Contains information on stops that are accessible to people with a handicap or reduced mobility. C = conforme (the stop is compliant and you can move without help) P = praticable (the assistance of a person may be necessary to embark or disembark)

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ID fa1fedf9-1e3c-4cbf-a4a6-0b74e8b830c0
Metadata date 2022-10-19 14:41:31
Metadata language French
NAP type MMTIS - Multimodal travel information services
Dataset Type Public transport: location information
Resource type Data set
Name [contact point] Clarisse de Cerjat
Organisation name [publisher] SPW
Name [publisher] Clarisse de Cerjat
Address [publisher] Avenue Gouverneur Bovesse 96, 5100 Jambes
E-mail [publisher] Clarisse de Cerjat
Website [publisher]
Telephone number [publisher] +3281322711
Start date of publication 2022-10-19 10:18:00
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Countries covered by publication Belgium
Area covered by publication RÉGION WALLONNE
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Dataset theme Transport