All vehicle types and prices

The dataset contains all vehicle types offered by BattMobility and their prices

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Transportation modes covered

Additional Info

Field Value
ID e1e6ce72-d52e-405d-894a-e8ca700a4755
Metadata date 2020-11-25 16:53:41
Metadata language English
NAP type MMTIS - Multimodal travel information services
Dataset Type
Resource type Data set
Name [contact point] Chris de Guytenaer
Organisation name [publisher] BattMobility NV
Name [publisher] BattMobility NV
Address [publisher] Muinkkaai 53
E-mail [publisher] BattMobility NV
Website [publisher]
Telephone number [publisher] +3292333444
Start date of publication 2020-11-25 17:29:00
End date of publication
Countries covered by publication Belgium
Area covered by publication VLAAMS GEWEST
Dataset extent
Contract or license Contract and Fee
Update frequency On occurence
Quality assessment
Dataset theme Transport