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Road segments, supplemented with dirt road and path segments, constitute the road network's basic skeleton. They always run in the middle (approximately) of the carriage way (as a result Top10Vector contains road segments in both carriage ways of dual carriage ways) and come with attributes describing a certain number of properties of the road. Traffic obstacles consist of pointed elements on the road segments. A distinction is made between a local narrowing of a road and a roadblock. Road surfaces describe the space occupied by the carriage ways of roads (i.e. not by dirt roads or paths). A distinction is made between normal road surfaces and junction road surfaces. The latter occur at crossroads where at least three road segments meet.In this version of Top10Vector (v1.0-StreetNames), street names are linked to the road segments. The street names are saved in three attributes for Dutch, French and German street names. Only in the Brussels Capital Region, the street names are available in the two languages, French and Dutch. Outside the Brussels Capital Area, the street name is only available in the official language of the municipality.

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