POI - Points Of Interest

This dataset contains a set of Points Of Interest (POI) indicating the location of places of interest in Belgium, collected by NGI. The dataset consists of 97 POI types grouped into 6 classes (natural elements, cult elements, patrimonial elements, elements of general interest, infrastructures, economy).

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Field Value
ID 5e66ca16-c809-4d81-a24f-122254b39f21
Metadata date 2023-10-16 13:04:09
Metadata language English
NAP type MMTIS - Multimodal travel information services
Dataset Type
  • General information for trip-planning
  • Other
Resource type Data set
Name [contact point] David Robberechts
Organisation name [publisher] NGI - IGN
Name [publisher] Céline Vilain
Address [publisher] Kortenberglaan 115, 1000 Brussel
E-mail [publisher] Céline Vilain
Website [publisher] https://www.ngi.be/website/
Telephone number [publisher] +3226298523
Start date of publication 2023-10-16 10:46:00
End date of publication
Countries covered by publication Belgium
Area covered by publication
Dataset extent
Contract or license Licence and Free of charge
Update frequency Up to every 3month
Quality assessment

POI types that have a link with the NGI topographic reference data are systematically monitored to ensure consistency between these data. But for other POI types, there is no guarantee of completeness and correctness. These are updated ad hoc when an error or incompleteness is noticed.

Dataset theme Transport