This rich JSON feed contains the realtime status and position (updated every 5 minutes) de realtime of the shared cars of Partago. The feed contains: geoPosition: longitude - longitude of the geolocation. geoPosition: latitude - latitude of the geolocation. displayName - Name of the car sharing station vehicleInformation: brand - brand of the car vehicleInformation: model - model of the car vehicleInformation: fuelType - type of fuel vehicleInformation: transmissionType - type of transmission stationType - type of usage (fixed station / free floating )

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ID 15c535d4-ea50-419e-ae36-ded07b98406e
Metadata date 2020-03-18 15:34:16
Metadata language English
Resource type Data set
Name [contact point] Joachim Jacob
Organisation name [publisher] Partago
Name [publisher] Partago
Address [publisher] Vlasgaardstraat 52, 9000 Gent
E-mail [publisher] Partago
Website [publisher]
Telephone number [publisher] +32487423250
Start date of publication 2020-03-18 15:30:00
End date of publication
Countries covered by publication Belgium
Area covered by publication VLAAMS GEWEST
Dataset extent
Contract or licence Licence and Free of charge
Update frequency Up to 5min
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Dataset theme Transport