Distances between two adjacent stations on the rail network - Distance entre gares adjacentes - Afstanden tussen aangrenzende stations

Geographical layout and breakdown of the Infrabel rail network according to the shortest route between two adjacent passenger stations on the passenger lines. This dataset also gives an estimate of the distance.

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  • If two routes are possible between two stations, the shortest route was chosen.
  • It is up to the users to put the fragments together to obtain the route between two distant stations. For example, you will find in this dataset the route between "Bruxelles-Midi" and "Bruxelles-Chapelle", but not the complete route between "Bruxelles-Midi" and "Arlon".
  • The purpose of these data is to allow schematic representations of the Belgian railway network (and this for a scale of max. 1/25.000). For a more precise geolocalisation of the main tracks, we recommend this dataset: List and geographical position of the main tracks.
  • It is also true that a station is never located on a precise point, as the platforms are often hundreds of meters long. Furthermore, the distances are more reliable if you add them up to study a longer trajectory.
  • Finally, these data do not give any indication about the planned or actual timetables managed by the railway operators. An overview of the arrival and departure times of the trains per station in the past is available through the raw data related to punctuality.
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