The TopoMapViewer is a free, responsive web application that allows you to view NGI's standard topographic maps. In our viewer you can access the following layers:

  • the 'TOPO' layer, as well as the 'OVERLAY' layer with the orthophotos as background;
  • the layers 'Top50Map', 'Landcover100Map' and 'Top250Map' (all coming from the TopoMaps WMS), as well as a layer containing the old topographic maps at scale 1:10 000. The latter will be replaced by the layer 'Top25Map' once the entire Belgian territory is covered;
  • an orthophoto layer from the Orthophoto WMS.

Of these layers you can retrieve legends (if applicable), there are always links to more information and the underlying metadata is also available.

User-friendliness and simplicity are key to making the TopoMapViewer as accessible as possible for any type of device. As a user, you can always take distance measurements, share the map image with others or save a print version as a PDF.

Data and Resources

Transportation modes covered

Additional Info

Field Value
ID 80c08076-5355-4c3e-82e9-70258ff85293
Metadata date 2022-12-06 15:56:07
Metadata language English
NAP type MMTIS - Multimodal travel information services
Dataset Type
  • Static road network data
  • Cycle network data
  • Pedestrian network data
Resource type Service
Name [contact point] David Robberechts
Organisation name [publisher] NGI -IGN
Name [publisher] Gaël Kruwialis
Address [publisher] Kortenberglaan 115, 1000 Brussel
E-mail [publisher] Gaël Kruwialis
Website [publisher]
Telephone number [publisher] +3226298447
Start date of publication 2010-06-01 12:00:00
End date of publication
Countries covered by publication Belgium
Area covered by publication
Dataset extent
Contract or license No license – No contract
Update frequency On occurence
Quality assessment

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