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  • Belgian road network - Top10Vector

    National Geographic Institute

    Top10Vector - Road network is the vector data set of the Belgian road network. It contains five classes. First class: dirt roads. Second class: kilometer markers along the road network. Third class: path segments. Fourth class: road obstructions. Fifth class: road segments. This data set aimt at representing the surface area of the road network on the Belgian territory and is not designed for route calculations. This data set can be bought via the corresponding hyperlink.

    Terms of use: please contact sales@ngi.be for license information.

  • TopoMapViewer

    National Geographic Institute

    The TopoMapViewer is a free, responsive web application that allows you to view NGI's standard topographic maps. In our viewer you can access the following layers:

    • the CartoWeb.be 'TOPO' layer, as well as the 'OVERLAY' layer with the orthophotos as background;
    • the layers 'Top50Map', 'Landcover100Map' and 'Top250Map' (all coming from the TopoMaps WMS), as well as a layer containing the old topographic maps at scale 1:10 000. The latter will be replaced by the layer 'Top25Map' once the entire Belgian territory is covered;
    • an orthophoto layer from the Orthophoto WMS.

    Of these layers you can retrieve legends (if applicable), there are always links to more information and the underlying metadata is also available.

    User-friendliness and simplicity are key to making the TopoMapViewer as accessible as possible for any type of device. As a user, you can always take distance measurements, share the map image with others or save a print version as a PDF.

  • Toeristisch recreatief fietsnetwerk Vlaanderen (fietsknooppuntennetwerk)


    The data contains the tourist recreational cycling network (bicycle junction network) in Flanders. It contains the numbered bicycle nodes and the segments connecting these nodes. The source data is supplied by the 5 Provincial Tourist Organizations and brought together into 1 dataset by VISITFLANDERS. The dataset is updated weekly on the basis of the 5 provincial route databases. The situation in the dataset is identical to the situation as it occurs in the field.

You can also access this registry using the API (see API Docs).