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  • Belgian road network - Top10Vector

    National Geographic Institute

    Top10Vector - Road network is the vector data set of the Belgian road network. It contains five classes. First class: dirt roads. Second class: kilometer markers along the road network. Third class: path segments. Fourth class: road obstructions. Fifth class: road segments. This data set aimt at representing the surface area of the road network on the Belgian territory and is not designed for route calculations. This data set can be bought via the corresponding hyperlink.

    Terms of use: please contact sales@ngi.be for license information.

  • Address points Belgium - BeST Address

    National Geographic Institute

    Location of the address points on the Belgian territory. The result is obtained by merging the three regions on the basis of an XML file which has been supplied to BOSA for the BestAdres project.

    Terms of use: •The custodian of the resource holds the rights of property (including the rights of intellectual property) to the geographic files •The custodian grants the user the right to use the data for his internal use. •Custodian’s name must be mentioned each time the data are being used publically. •Commercial use of the data under any form is subject to the following licenses: - Brussels Capital Region data: UrbiS license - Flemish Region data: free reuse license - Walloon Region data: CC-BY 4.0

  • Technicar - vehicle technical information


    We are providing a complete overview of all the technical information of all vehicles. Information available can range from brand, model, version, dimension, consumption, emission, ...

  • TEC Information Service — Route Planner


    A link to TEC's route planner

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