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  • Traffic Events (Touring Mobilis)


    Via the traffic center Touring Mobilis, Be-Mobile delivers the premier source of traffic information available in Belgium today. As such, Be-Mobile brings the complete traffic information experience from A to Z – from the raw data to a clear message for the driver telling him exactly what is happening on the road and what he needs to look out for.

    This is how it works:

    1. Traffic data of the highest quality are processed into real-time traffic information, e.g. travel times;

    2. Traffic operators enter and monitor traffic events on the road;

    3. An event management tool consolidates events from different sources: drivers calling in events, police, municipal traffic centres, etc.;

    4. An editorial tool is available to transfer the data into clear and fluent traffic bulletins;

    5. Traffic editors co-write and read out the actual traffic bulletin over the air.

    For more information about this data, please reach out to our mobility experts via https://be-mobile.com/contact

  • Points marquants du réseau routier régional

    Service public de Wallonie Mobilité et Infrastructures

    Cette collection applicative de données est constituée des couches de données ponctuelles suivantes : - Les aires autoroutières; - Les aires de covoiturage; - Les croisements (les carrefours tricolores ou non et les giratoires); - Les échangeurs routiers et autoroutiers; - Les ouvrages d'art (ponts, tunnels, murs de soutènement); - Les passages à niveau; - Les passages pour piétons ("abord écoles" et "non abord écoles").

  • ouvrages d'art de la Région wallonne

    Service public de Wallonie Mobilité et Infrastructures

    Ce jeu de données comporte 6000 ouvrages d'art de la Région wallonne. Les ouvrages d'art sont les ponts, tunnels, viaducs, aqueducs, buses et pertuis, murs de soutènement, etc. qui jalonnent les voies de communication régionales (routes, RAVeL et voies hydrauliques) gérées par le Service public de Wallonie (SPW Mobilité et Infrastructures).

  • Réseau routier géré par la Région wallonne

    Service public de Wallonie Mobilité et Infrastructures

    Reprend le réseau routier de la Région wallonne, constitué des autoroutes, des routes régionales (communément appelées les "Nationales"), des rings autoroutiers et routiers, des branches d'échangeurs, des bretelles, géré par le SPW MI

  • Belgian road network - Top10Vector

    National Geographic Institute

    Top10Vector - Road network is the vector data set of the Belgian road network. It contains five classes. First class: dirt roads. Second class: kilometer markers along the road network. Third class: path segments. Fourth class: road obstructions. Fifth class: road segments. This data set aimt at representing the surface area of the road network on the Belgian territory and is not designed for route calculations. This data set can be bought via the corresponding hyperlink.

    Terms of use: please contact sales@ngi.be for license information.

  • Topographic vector data Belgium -Top10Vector

    National Geographic Institute

    Top10Vector is the National Geographic Institute’s series of topographic vector data. The data set contains 37 feature classes, which are divided into eight themes (road network, railroad network, power grid, constructions, land use and vegetation, local relief and particular zones), all of which can be obtained separately.

    Terms of use: please contact sales@ngi.be for license information.

  • TopoMapViewer

    National Geographic Institute

    The TopoMapViewer is a free, responsive web application that allows you to view NGI's standard topographic maps. In our viewer you can access the following layers:

    • the CartoWeb.be 'TOPO' layer, as well as the 'OVERLAY' layer with the orthophotos as background;
    • the layers 'Top50Map', 'Landcover100Map' and 'Top250Map' (all coming from the TopoMaps WMS), as well as a layer containing the old topographic maps at scale 1:10 000. The latter will be replaced by the layer 'Top25Map' once the entire Belgian territory is covered;
    • an orthophoto layer from the Orthophoto WMS.

    Of these layers you can retrieve legends (if applicable), there are always links to more information and the underlying metadata is also available.

    User-friendliness and simplicity are key to making the TopoMapViewer as accessible as possible for any type of device. As a user, you can always take distance measurements, share the map image with others or save a print version as a PDF.

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