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  • De Lijn - NeTEx Timetables and planning

    De Lijn

    Scheduled timetable data in NeTEx format.

  • Truck parkings Vlaanderen

    Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer

    Deze dataset geeft een overzicht van de truck parkings langs de snelwegen in Vlaanderen, met de statische gegevens zoals o.a. het aantal voorziene parkeerplaatsen voor vrachtwagens.

  • real time CoopStroom electrical vehicles


    This rich JSON feed contains the realtime status and position (updated every 5 minutes) de realtime of the shared cars of CoopStroom. The feed contains: geoPosition: longitude - longitude of the geolocation. geoPosition: latitude - latitude of the geolocation. displayName - Name of the car sharing station vehicleInformation: brand - brand of the car vehicleInformation: model - model of the car vehicleInformation: fuelType - type of fuel vehicleInformation: transmissionType - type of transmission stationType - type of usage (fixed station / free floating )

  • voi


    The General Bikeshare Feed Specification, known as GBFS, is the open data standard for shared mobility. GBFS makes real-time data feeds in a uniform format publicly available online, with an emphasis on findability.

  • EVCI - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure


    Context: In order to facilitate the publication of descriptive data on electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCI) and support its customers in their compliance with their regulatory obligations, Gireve, the main electromobility roaming platform in Europe and privileged partner of the players in the ecosystem, offers all operators connected to the platform to subscribe to the service of publication of descriptive data of their charging infrastructures on the National Access Point.

    Mode of data production: The data published comes from data flows transmitted to the Gireve electric vehicle charging roaming platform by operators or their subcontractors via the open OCPI protocol. These data are produced by the operators and transmitted in a fully automated manner.

    Additional services: Gireve also offers a range of quality enhancement and enrichment products and services under a fee-based reuse license.

    For more information: www.gireve.com

  • No Park zone en dropzones Via Sinjoor

    Stad Antwerpen

    No Park Zone and dropzones at the Via Sinjoor

  • TEC NeTEx


    Scheduled timetable in NeTEx format

  • Veerdiensten

    Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services

    Veerdiensten voor oeververbindingen : Voor voetgangers en fietsers : Sint-Annaveer Antwerpen ; Kruibeke - Hoboken ; Bazel - Hemiksem. Voor voetgangers, fietsers en gemotoriseerd verkeer : Langerbrugge ; Terdonk

  • Aanpassing zones deelmobiliteit sinksenfoor 2023

    Stad Antwerpen

    Bevat de nieuwe zones (dropzones, No-GO zones en NO-Park zones) die tijdelijk in werking treden tijdens de Sinksenfoor 2023.

  • Fietsverhuur CyCLO Brussel


    Contains information on bicycle rentals by CyCLO in Brussels

  • www.delruerent.be

    Delrue Rent Services

    This dataset has no description

  • Brussels Airport flight schedule 2022

    Brussels Airport

    Contains overview of all scheduled public flights to and from Brussels Airport in 2022.

  • how to get to Brussels Airport

    Brussels Airport

    overview of transport modes to reach and leave Brussels Airport

  • Traffic Events (Touring Mobilis)


    Via the traffic center Touring Mobilis, Be-Mobile delivers the premier source of traffic information available in Belgium today. As such, Be-Mobile brings the complete traffic information experience from A to Z – from the raw data to a clear message for the driver telling him exactly what is happening on the road and what he needs to look out for.

    This is how it works:

    1. Traffic data of the highest quality are processed into real-time traffic information, e.g. travel times;

    2. Traffic operators enter and monitor traffic events on the road;

    3. An event management tool consolidates events from different sources: drivers calling in events, police, municipal traffic centres, etc.;

    4. An editorial tool is available to transfer the data into clear and fluent traffic bulletins;

    5. Traffic editors co-write and read out the actual traffic bulletin over the air.

    For more information about this data, please reach out to our mobility experts via https://be-mobile.com/contact

  • Floating Car Data


    FCD or Floating Car Data is the label for GPS positions that are received from so called FCD providers. The GPS data is mapped onto the digital map and provided as feed for various Be-Mobile applications. For instance, the data can be aggregated per map segment to calculate the occurrence of jams. A data hub with Floating Car Data from millions of connected vehicles lay the foundation for our solutions portfolio, including traffic management, traveler information, multimodal route planning, electronic toll collection and many more. The real-time traffic data we collect are stored for historical analysis purposes in an off-the-shelf software product: FlowCheck is the perfect instrument to detect cut-through traffic or assess the impact of certain mobility measures. FlowCheck provides tools for route analysis, segment analysis, origin-destination analysis and historical maps based on historical Floating Car Data.

    For more information about this data, please reach out to our mobility experts via https://be-mobile.com/contact

  • CO2 Consumption


    Environmental data



    Sheduled timetable in NeTEx format.

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