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  • Brussels Regional Cycle Routes

    Brussels Mobility

    Regional cycle routes are recommended routes for medium and long distance bicycle journeys through several municipalities. As a general rule, these routes use local roads, where traffic is less dense, slower, and therefore less stressful than on the main roads. But crossing certain natural or artificial obstacles (bridge crossing a valley, the canal, a motorway, crossing under a railway line, etc.) sometimes brings back the routes on the main axes.

  • Geodata_stadantwerpen

    Stad Antwerpen

    This site is the portal of GIS-departement of the city of Antwerpen. You find all their geodatasets en corresponding services here. The city of Antwerp has a wealth of geographical data about the city. Through this portal you are offered the opportunity to explore, visualize and download this geographical data. This data is open data and you can use it free of charge and free of charge. With the data sets you can, for example, develop new mobile applications that can improve the service for residents. Discover the data by searching below on the different themes or by entering a keyword.

  • Brussels Road Events

    Brussels Mobility

    This feed contains real time traffic information and safety related traffic information for the Brussels Capital Region (traffic events, incidents, traffic jams, obtrusive works, ...
    This feed is also available via TMC.

  • Brussels Pedestrian Network

    Brussels Mobility

    Pedestrian network of the Brussels Capital Region.
    This network is made up on the one hand of the structuring network defined in the multimodal specialization of roads, and on the other hand of slow ways.

  • cambio: Vehicles

    cambio Belgium

    Contains a list of vehicle types and at what carsharing station they are available: Vehicle type, Price class, Station names

  • cambio: Stations

    cambio Belgium

    Contains a list of stations including the available vehicle types at these locations: Name, Address, Geo-location, Vehicle types

  • Available vehicles


    available vehicles

  • real_time_partago_electric_vehicles


    This rich JSON feed contains the realtime status and position (updated every 5 minutes) de realtime of the shared cars of Partago. The feed contains: geoPosition: longitude - longitude of the geolocation. geoPosition: latitude - latitude of the geolocation. displayName - Name of the car sharing station vehicleInformation: brand - brand of the car vehicleInformation: model - model of the car vehicleInformation: fuelType - type of fuel vehicleInformation: transmissionType - type of transmission stationType - type of usage (fixed station / free floating )

  • Statistische_open_data_stad_Antwerpen

    Stad Antwerpen

    Contains static data of different themes in the city.

  • Brussels Addresses

    Brussels Mobility

    Location of address points in the Brussels-Capital Region (Urbis Adpt entity). A location service is also available.

  • Occupancy scores SNCB


    We collect user feedback on trains trips in Belgium, and ask users to score their trains by occupancy: low, medium, high.

  • Brussels Collecto stops

    Brussels Mobility

    Collecto is a collective taxi service available every day between 11 PM and 6 AM everywhere in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • Brussels Taxi stops

    Brussels Mobility

    The locations of the Taxi stops in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • Brussels Street Axes

    Brussels Mobility

    The entity Urbis SA corresponds to the axes of street sections of the Region of Brussels-Capital.

  • Fietspaden langs de genummerde wegen in beheer van AWV

    Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer

    Fietspaden langs de genummerde wegen in beheer van Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer, geïnventariseerd als (deel van) een genummerde weg dat beschikt over een fietspad. De geometrie van het eigenlijke fietspad is niet opgenomen. Definitie fietspaden = Deel van de openbare weg dat voor het verkeer van fietsers en tweewielige bromfietsers klasse A is voorbehouden door de verkeersborden D7, D9 of door overlangse wegmarkeringen die een fietspad aanduiden en de openbare weg afbakenen door twee evenwijdige witte onderbroken strepen en dat niet breed genoeg is voor het autoverkeer. Het fietspad maakt geen deel uit van de rijbaan (http://wegcode.be/wetteksten/secties/kb/wegcode/109-art9).

You can also access this registry using the API (see API Docs).