EVCI - Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Context: In order to facilitate the publication of descriptive data on electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCI) and support its customers in their compliance with their regulatory obligations, Gireve, the main electromobility roaming platform in Europe and privileged partner of the players in the ecosystem, offers all operators connected to the platform to subscribe to the service of publication of descriptive data of their charging infrastructures on the National Access Point.

Mode of data production: The data published comes from data flows transmitted to the Gireve electric vehicle charging roaming platform by operators or their subcontractors via the open OCPI protocol. These data are produced by the operators and transmitted in a fully automated manner.

Additional services: Gireve also offers a range of quality enhancement and enrichment products and services under a fee-based reuse license.

For more information: www.gireve.com

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Metadata date 2023-07-20 08:44:06
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NAP type MMTIS - Multimodal travel information services
Dataset Type Filling and charging stations
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Name [contact point] Emmanuel Leprat
Organisation name [publisher] Gireve
Name [publisher] Emmanuel Leprat
Address [publisher] 7 avenue de la Cristallerie
E-mail [publisher] Emmanuel Leprat
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Our databases are updated in real-time to ensure up-to-date information. Each data flow is automatically checked and any questionable case is handled by a dedicated team of e-mobility experts. We process data daily for our roaming platform. Its quality is thus continuously improved by our team and validated by our clients.

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