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  • antwerpen

    Stad Antwerpen

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  • stad-gent

    Stad Gent

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  • stapp-in-belgium

    Stapp In Belgium

    We provide shared cars and technology hard and software to share cars and bikes

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  • stib-mivb


    Public transport in Brussels, Belgium

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  • stoomlink


    The Belgian Digital Mobility Factory. At Stoomlink we know that a smoother intermodal journey is key for people to step away from their cars. Hence, we develop digital products to bring them the information...

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  • tec


    As public transport operator in the Walloon Region, TEC – which stands for “Transport En Commun” – is one of the key players in mobility and in economic, social and sustainable development in Belgium. With...

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  • toerisme-vlaanderen


    VisitFlanders is the Flemish Agency for Tourism. VISITFLANDERS promotes the destination of Flanders abroad and develops Flanders as a tourist destination.

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  • tui-airlines-belgium

    TUI Airlines Belgium

    TUI Airlines Belgium provides scheduled air services out of 5 Belgian airports (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Liege and Ostend) to more than 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, North-America and the Caribbean.

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  • tunnel-liefkenshoek

    Tunnel Liefkenshoek

    The Liefkenshoektunnel is a toll tunnel between Antwerp and Beveren under the River Schelde. The tunnel is a continuation of Highway R2, the ring motorway surrounding the city and harbour of Antwerp....

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  • uber-b-v

    Uber B.V.

    Uber is a technology platform, which smartphone apps inter alia connect driver-partners and riders.

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  • valckenier-share

    Valckenier Share

    With more than fifty years of experience as a mobility service company, we at Valckenier are strongly aware of the changing mobility context. Trends such as digitisation, the increase in ecological awareness...

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  • ville-de-liege

    City of Liège

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  • velos-sa-jcdecaux-street-furniture-belgium

    VILLO! SA JCDecaux Street Furniture Belgium

    We provide on demand public bike sharing systems in cities in Belgium (Brussels capital Region & Namur)

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  • vlaamse-milieumaatschappij

    Flanders Environment Agency

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  • vrt


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  • xo-boating-waterlimo

    XO Boating (Waterlimo)

    We provide on demand water-mobility on the river scheldt and its affluents.

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