Declaration of compliance

The delegated European regulation (EU) 2017/1926 states that the transport authorities, transport operators, transport on demand service providers and travel information service providers (from now on jointly referred to as “the stakeholders”) should provide multimodal travel information using the NAP. More information about which specific data is involved can be found here. (link naar Over > EU-regelgeving (engelse versie))


The requirements with which the stakeholders should comply when providing their data are set out in articles 3 to 8 of the regulation. This regulation is freely available on the website: If you have any further questions, please contact the NAP-helpdesk ( 


For the assessment of compliance, all stakeholders should provide a declaration of compliance with the requirements set out in articles 3 to 8 for every registered dataset . This can be done when adding the dataset by checking the checkbox “I hereby declare to be in compliance with articles 3 to 8 of the European regulation (EU) 2017/1926 for this dataset”.


Whom can submit the declaration of compliance?

  • The publisher of the dataset. This is the person or company that publishes the dataset, this can be, but not necessarily, the same as the contact point for the metadata.
  • The contact point for the metadata with explicit permission of the publisher of the dataset. The contact point is the person or organization responsible for the creation and maintenance of the metadata.