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  • makro-rental

    Makro Rental

    MAKRO Cash & Carry, in partnership with Renault, offers its customers a service of renting a van to transport large purchases from the Work Center home. The fully digital service is aimed at...

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  • more-lion


    We provide independent advice, project management and strategic support on innovation, especially in the field of mobility.

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  • mpact


    Mpact enables shared mobility in Belgium. Mpact vzw is active in Flanders, Mpact asbl is active in Brussels and Wallonia. Among our shared mobility services are: - carpool: Carpool app + (focus on...

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  • nationaal-geografisch-instituut-institut-geographique-national-nationale-geographische-institut-national-geographic-institute

    National Geographic Institute

    The National Geographic Institute (NGI) is a governmental organisation under the supervision of the Minister of Defence. The NGI positions itself more and more as the information broker and authentic source of...

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  • sncb


    SNCB (The Belgian Railways)

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  • parking-brussels is the Parking Agency of the Brussels Capital Region. It was created by regional ordinance on 22 January 2009. ensures the harmonisation and simplification of parking in the...

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  • partago


    Partago offers shared electric cars in Flanders. Via an own smartphone and online application members can localize and unlock cars. Partago is citizens owned cooperative enterprise active in Flanders and part...

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  • poppy


    Free floating cars, moped and scooters

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  • renta


    Our members provide vehicle rental & car sharing services

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  • service-public-de-wallonie-mobilite-et-infrastructures

    Service public de Wallonie Mobilité et Infrastructures

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  • antwerpen

    Stad Antwerpen

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  • stad-gent

    Stad Gent

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  • stapp-in-belgium

    Stapp In Belgium

    We provide shared cars and technology hard and software to share cars and bikes

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  • stib-mivb


    Public transport in Brussels, Belgium

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  • stoomlink


    The Belgian Digital Mobility Factory. At Stoomlink we know that a smoother intermodal journey is key for people to step away from their cars. Hence, we develop digital products to bring them the information...

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  • tec


    As public transport operator in the Walloon Region, TEC – which stands for “Transport En Commun” – is one of the key players in mobility and in economic, social and sustainable development in Belgium. With...

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  • toerisme-vlaanderen


    VisitFlanders is the Flemish Agency for Tourism. VISITFLANDERS promotes the destination of Flanders abroad and develops Flanders as a tourist destination.

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  • tui-airlines-belgium

    TUI Airlines Belgium

    TUI Airlines Belgium provides scheduled air services out of 5 Belgian airports (Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Liege and Ostend) to more than 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, North-America and the Caribbean.

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  • tunnel-liefkenshoek

    Tunnel Liefkenshoek

    The Liefkenshoektunnel is a toll tunnel between Antwerp and Beveren under the River Schelde. The tunnel is a continuation of Highway R2, the ring motorway surrounding the city and harbour of Antwerp....

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  • uber-b-v

    Uber B.V.

    Uber is a technology platform, which smartphone apps inter alia connect driver-partners and riders.

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  • valckenier-share

    Valckenier Share

    With more than fifty years of experience as a mobility service company, we at Valckenier are strongly aware of the changing mobility context. Trends such as digitisation, the increase in ecological awareness...

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