Transportdata.be is Belgium’s National Access Point (NAP) for information on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and is referred to by its acronym NAP ITS. The NAP ITS was launched in February 2020 in the light of the European ITS directive, which aims at making mobility in the European Union safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

By centralizing access to mobility datasets and services, the NAP ITS aims to facilitate their reuse by third parties such as travel information service suppliers and producers of digital maps. Datasets and services can include all modes of mobility and originate from all possible parties in both the public as well as the private sector. The NAP ITS centralizes the access and is not about open data, nor is it intended as a data lake or data warehouse.

The NAP ITS centralizes access to mobility datasets and services in Belgium which can be subdivided into four categories (= NAP types):

  • Multimodal travel information services (MMTIS)
  • Real time traffic information services (RTTI)
  • Safety related traffic information (SRTI)
  • Information services for safe and secure truck parkings (SSTP)

As a data provider, you can register your organization on the NAP ITS and subsequently your mobility datasets and services. By doing so, your datasets and services can easily be found by developers of ITS services, such as (multimodal) travel information services that provide users relevant travel and traffic information. The developers of these services can thus easily contact you and potentially include your data or service in their application.

Attention please, the European legislation obliges certain stakeholders to register specific data on the NAP ITS. To find out how you are involved , consult our page on Information for data providers.


As a user, the NAP ITS enables you to:

  • Browse through the registered datasets and services by using keywords and/or filters;
  • Consult the contact information of the person(s) responsible for the dataset or service of your interest;
  • Download available datasets directly or obtain a link to the provider of the service or dataset.

The NAP Helpdesk contact@transportdata.be is there to support data providers and users with questions or remarks. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also consult the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Who are we?

The development and management of the Transportdata.be-platform is entrusted to the National Geographic Institute, at the request and on behalf of the ITS steering committee.

The National Geographic Institute (NGI) is a B-type semi-governmental organisation under the supervision of the Minister of Defence. The NGI positions itself more and more as the information broker and authentic source of geographical information, while it makes sure the public data created by the federal administration are readily accessible to the outside world. The NGI has already cooperated successfully for the integration of other public federal authentic sources in the framework of the INSPIRE Directive.

The ITS Steering Committee includes the federal and regional bodies involved in the implementation of intelligent transport systems. As competences related to ITS are split up between regional and federal authorities, the ITS steering committee takes care of coordination and cooperation. Concerning the NAP ITS, the authorities involved are notably: