Information for dataproviders

As a user of this website, you might be wondering if you have to log in and register datasets and services on it. In that case, you might even be wondering what your obligations are regarding the National Access Point.

This page aims at helping you determine if legal obligations apply to you or not. In case of doubts after reading this page, feel free to contact our service desk at


Do I have to register something on this website?

If you are active in passenger transport in Belgium, you most probably have to, indeed.

In particular, the delegated regulation defines the following types of data providers:

  • Transport authority: any public authority responsible for the traffic management or the planning, control or management of a given transport network or modes of transport, or both, falling within its territorial competence;
  • Transport operator: any public or private entity that is responsible for the maintenance and management of the transport service;
  • Transport on demand service provider: any public or private provider of transport on demand service to users and end-users, including travel and traffic information thereof;
  • Infrastructure manager: any public or private body or undertaking that is responsible in particular for establishing and maintaining transport infrastructure, or part thereof.

The regulation recognizes all transport modes and provides an extensive list of examples:


Air, rail including high speed rail, conventional rail, light rail, long-distance coach, maritime including ferry, metro, tram, bus, trolley-bus


Shuttle bus, shuttle ferry, taxi, car-sharing, car-pooling, car-hire, bike-sharing, bike-hire


Car, motorcycle, cycle

What do I have to register on this website?

If you are a data provider as defined hereabove, you have (or will have) to register:

  • The metadata related to your data sets and services available in machine-readable format, as well as links to the source data and/or licensing information. You do not have to disclose your data in an open-source manner. If you don’t, data users will have to contact you prior to making use of your data. Smaller companies have also the opportunity to upload their datasets immediately on our website.
  • At the moment, only static data is mandatory. However, it is recommended to register dynamic data as well, since it will become mandatory in due time.
  • Data following the legal timeline set in the regulation:
    • Service level 1, by December 1st, 2019
    • Service level 2, by December 1st, 2020
    • Service level 3, by December 1st, 2021
  • The timeline is determined by two elements: the content of the data ("service level") and the geographical scope. Of course, if your data are already available, no need to wait until the legal deadline. The earlier and the more accurate the information you provide, the greater the likelihood your service will be integrated in journey planning and other travel information services.
  • This schedule serves to illustrate what and when to register:




Level of service 1
Address, topography, timetables, facilities, accessibility, pedestrian network,…

Comprehensive TEN-T (trans-European transport) network

1 December 2019

Level of service 2
Park & Ride stops, bike sharing stations, refueling stations where and how to buy tickets, standard fares, on-board Wi-Fi,…

1 December 2020

Level of service 3
Passenger classes fare, special fare products, aggregated products combining different products such as parking , how to pay, to book, to calculate an environmental factor, …

1 December 2021

Levels of service 1 to 3

Whole network

1 December 2023

A detailed list of required data is to be found in the legislation (see annex).


How to register datasets and services?

  • The first step is to log in to the website by clicking on the Register button on the homepage.
  • Then create an organization by clicking on “Add organization” on

Please create your organization carefully as it will help us determine its authenticity. Fake organizations will be deleted by our service desk.

  • To request membership to an existing organization, go to the organization page and click on “Request membership”. The administrator of that specific organization will get an e-mail and decide if you may or may not be a member.
  • Once you are member of an organization, you can add datasets through:
  • If you have troubles fill in the metadata form, please contact our service desk at