Ponctualité nationale par mois - Nationale stiptheid per maand - Monthly national punctuality

The punctuality metric represents the proportion of trains that, over the course of a month, arrived with a maximum delay of 5 minutes and 59 seconds at their destination or - for the trains travelling through Brussel's North-South junction, upon arrival at the first station of the junction on their path.

What is neutralization ?

According to the terms of the management contract, certain categories of delays can be neutralized (meaning that that don't have to be accounted for in the punctuality metrics). For example, delays generated by sources external to Infrabel's or SNCB's activities (railroad crossing accidents, cable thefts, delays from foreign railroad networks, vandalism, assaults...), or delays that are the consequence of major investment works campaigns, can be neutralized. The "neutralized" punctuality metric is not intended to represent the passenger's observations, but rather to enable Infrabel and the railway operators to draw up their own balance sheet.

In order to have a good general idea of the national punctuality, the punctuality metric "without neutralization" should be preferred.


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