Traffic Events (Touring Mobilis)

Via the traffic center Touring Mobilis, Be-Mobile delivers the premier source of traffic information available in Belgium today. As such, Be-Mobile brings the complete traffic information experience from A to Z – from the raw data to a clear message for the driver telling him exactly what is happening on the road and what he needs to look out for.

This is how it works:

  1. Traffic data of the highest quality are processed into real-time traffic information, e.g. travel times;

  2. Traffic operators enter and monitor traffic events on the road;

  3. An event management tool consolidates events from different sources: drivers calling in events, police, municipal traffic centres, etc.;

  4. An editorial tool is available to transfer the data into clear and fluent traffic bulletins;

  5. Traffic editors co-write and read out the actual traffic bulletin over the air.

For more information about this data, please reach out to our mobility experts via

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  • Static road network data
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